Class Descriptions

I sincerely believe there is a yoga for every body.

Whether your aim is to cultivate deep peace, improve your mood,

increase physical strength, balance and flexibility, become more self-aware, there is a practice for you.  

Each day of the week focuses on a different aspect of yoga and its benefits.  

Pranayama / Breathing is always offered.  Intention and Awareness is developed.

Iyengar principles of alignment and use of props, plus slow mindful practices

to become embodied are consistent through all the practices. 




Restorative Yoga Practice

Deeply Relax Your Whole Being

Enjoy an hour of self-care.  Set up a calm relaxing environment, soft lighting, essential oils, etc.  Together, we'll breathe, set an intention, practice a gentle warm-up, and settle into a few   Restorative postures.  Resting in stillness, fully supported by yoga props (or your own versions, like pillows and blankets) helps calm the nervous system, settle the mind/body.  Reap the long-term physical and mental/emotional benefits of this amazing practice.

Sunday Evenings - 6:00 PM MT

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Mindful Movement

Gentle Hatha Yoga w/ Mindfulness

This practice is a well-balanced Hatha practice to create well-being, to energize, stretch, strengthen, and relax as well as develop mindful awareness of the present moment.  

Instructions include a strong focus on alignment in reclined, seated, and standing postures.

Tues / Thurs Mornings - 9:00 AM MT

Yoga Stretches

Improve Your Mood Mondays

Heart & Hip opening Asanas +

Create Vagal Tone

With self-compassion and Ahimsa (non-violence) we practice specific Pranayama techniques, heart and hip opening Asanas that have been shown to improve mood, decrease depression, and create vagal tone which builds emotional resilience. 

A gentle way to start your week.

Monday Mid-Day - 11:00 AM MT


Tuesdays w/ a Twist

Strengthen Spinal Muscles and More

Twisting poses strengthen spinal muscles, helping us to maintain an upright posture, now and for years to come.  An upright posture allows us to breathe more fully. exercising the lungs and inviting in essential life force.  Twists also massage abdominal muscles and organs, keeping energy, oxygen, and blood flowing.

Tuesday Mid-Day - 11:00 AM MT


Wednesdays at the Wall

Use the Supports that are Available

Using the wall for our Asanas (poses), allows us to explore the poses in a new way.  We gain insights, learn how to support ourselves, develop balance and strength by holding poses longer than we could without the support of the wall.  

Wednesday Mid-Day - 11:00 AM MT


Thursdays for Bone Strength

Strengthen Bones & Muscles / Improve Balance

On Thursdays, we practice poses that have been shown to improve muscle & bone strength as well as improve posture 

and balance.  Osteoporosis breaks bones, but if we keep our tissues strong, maintain an upright posture and balance,

we are far less likely to experience spinal fractures.  

Thursday Mid-Day - 11:00 AM MT

Friday Flow

Slow Flow of Gentle Poses

This practice explores aspects of yoga beyond the poses.  We flow slowly, in and out of poses, coordinating movement and breath, to get energy flowing and to create awareness of alignment and sensation.  We learn mantras - short chants which express an intention.  We learn mudras - hand gestures created by ancient yogis to benefit the body, mind, spirit.

Friday Mid-Day - 11:00 AM MT

Friday Flow + Mudras & Mantras

Outdoors Yoga Class

FUNdaMentals of Yoga

Beginner Friendly Hatha Yoga Practice

This class will include a discussion of yoga principles, concepts that help us find more ease and balance in our daily lives. We'll also practice beginner-friendly Asana (poses) and Pranayama (breathwork) during each class. I'll walk you through a variety of Asanas w/ details to keep your body safe and receive the full benefit of each pose.  You're encouraged to listen to your body and practice within your comfort level.

Tuesday Evening 5:30 PM MT

Couple Meditating

Group Meditation

Instruction and Practice 

Beginners to meditation are welcome.

Learn some basic concepts and techniques. 


Friday Afternoon 12:00 PM MT