What is Yoga?

A Path to Inner Peace

Yoga - To Yoke / Join / Create Union / Inner & Outer Harmony  

Yoga is so much more than postures. Postures, or Asanas, are 1 aspect of Patanjali’s '8 Limbs of Yoga'.  Patanjali, a sage who lived approx 2,000 years ago, created an organized system of Yoga, a path to inner peace, a holistic lifestyle that includes ethical behaviors,

self-care practices, awareness and control of the breath/pranayama, asanas/physical postures, and various stages of meditation.   

Each yoga class I teach includes Centering, Pranayama/breathwork, Asana/postures and Savasana/relaxation.  

Pranayama/breathing techniques are an essential part of the yoga practice as they invite nourishing energy into the body, help slow down a busy mind, help us become present and embodied, help improve the immune system and regulate the nervous system.  

Asanas/physical postures nourish the physical body and mind as well.  They get our energy or prana/lifeforce, and other vital fluids flowing within, help us stretch soft tissues, strengthen muscles and bones, develop and maintain mobility, balance and focus, and so much more.

Savasana, the final pose of each practice, helps the body/mind relax, process the yoga practice and settle the nervous system.   

My primary yoga teacher’s lineage is that of B.K.S. Iyengar, a pivotal and highly respected yoga teacher from India.  As a result, I teach with a strong focus on alignment and recommend use of props in Asana practices.  This mature style of yoga requires awareness, patience and embodiment. It helps keep people safe from injury and helps us achieve greater benefits from the practice.  The postures stretch, strengthen, energize and relax the body / mind in every class.  

Students are encouraged to stay within their pain-free range of motion and to move at their own pace.  

Modifications are available for all postures and props can be used to assist as well.

I teach slower asana practices and my body appreciates them.  I value the rationale behind them related to

nervous system health and resilience as well as the mind/body connection they help cultivate.  

As a teacher, I remind students to listen to their bodies and practice Ahimsa, Non-Violence, in thoughts and actions on the mat and off.  

This is a worthy journey.  You’re worth it.


About Me

Who am I?

Sometimes, I don’t know how to answer that question.  Am I my roles?  Am I my circumstances, my accomplishments or perceived failures?  I do know, I’m a spiritual being, a student of earth-school, a female in my mid-fifties, who’s grappling with the realities of aging.  I am healing from a lifetime of wounds, including my recent divorce.  I am a mother of three amazing adult children who I love with all my heart.  

I love many genres of music and have written and recorded a few of my original songs which you can find

on this site and on sites like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon & Apple Music. 

I was a professional dancer for a few years and taught dance for over 20 years, primarily to children.  

I have a degree in Interior Design and worked in the commercial design industry off and on for years.  

I love Frank Lloyd Wright.  I love color.  I love spending time in nature.  I love humor.  I love to be playful.  

I love animals.  I love second-hand shopping and value earth friendly practices.  

I love to learn about things I love, like Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness.  I am an E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP. 

I recently completed a certification program with the Chopra Center to teach Primordial Sound Meditation.  

I am nearing completion of a Holistic Wellness Coaching certification from Radiant Health Institute.


I love sharing these practices and helping people achieve more balance in life. 

I Am.