Yoga at Home

I dedicate my practice to your well-being. 
I intend to create a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental space
where together, we co-create a sense of well-being in mind, body & spirit. 

Using ancient and modern practices & techniques, including but not limited to,
mindfulness, yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, self-compassion, affirmations, songwriting, and more,

Reduce Stress, Increase Vitality,
Develop Physical & Emotional Balance, Flexibility in the Mind & Body,
Uncover and Release Limiting Belief Systems,
Build new Healthier Patterns of Thinking and Behaviors,
Move toward greater Self-Acceptance, Contentment, and overall Well-Being.


*All classes & private sessions are on Zoom until further notice.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing has been identified as the state of being comfortable and content.

Wellbeing is a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to life satisfaction. In short, wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.